Technical translation

Communication deciphers all areas of our lives, even the most complex


I specialise in technical translation for the main industrial development brands on the market. I work primarily from German into Spanish, but also from English into Spanish. My clients include Porsche, Bosch, eBosch, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, Ford, Philips, Yamaha, Microsoft, Amazon, Wittenstein, and MAN+Hummel. I carry out localisation of industrial software and websites, and medical and marketing translation. For marketing, I use transcreation to adapt advertising material for the Spanish market, helping organisations to connect directly with Spanish users.

As well as translating documentary scripts for a variety of television platforms, I also translate catalogues and documentation for national exhibitions.

I perform proofreading and quality assurance checks on the final drafts of all types of technical documents at user level, for both technicians and trainers.

I have coordinated translation and localisation projects at all stages of production.

I work as an interpreter for numerous cultural and professional organisations, including La Concepción Botanical Garden in Malaga, Düsseldorf Airport in Germany, and Transculture Malaga. My working languages are German, English and Spanish.

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