In my own words

The rhythm of the written word shapes all our realities


I cannot imagine life without literature, reading and writing. They form part of my identity, and I combine my technical translation work with literary creation, articles and collaborations with a number of publications.
In 2019 I published Seré breve, a book consisting of fifteen short stories illustrated by Luis Ruiz. In the texts, I use everyday life as a starting point to question the status quo through storytelling: the influence of social media on our lives; our daily routine; our progression through the stages of life; and the significance of travel in our everyday lives. With humour and melancholy by turns, the pages of the book present snapshots of a reality that sometimes shifts in unexpected ways.
I contributed to the university magazine El pez de Babel when it was first created in the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting in Malaga. The publication focused on translation and literary creation, and was an academic reference for contemporary literary expression.
I have written children’s stories and plays, some of which have been performed at La Concepción Botanical Garden in Malaga.
I work as an editor for a variety of organisations, generating website and communications content. These include
Transculture and Málaga Acoge.

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