Sometimes it’s better not to mix the stale black and white past of a country with the lucid voices that sift through it and bring it back to life in the form of sharp stanzas.


Correcting and proofreading of texts in various formats


Literary creations and collaborations


German and English to Spanish

Literary creation

Man does not live by technology alone

I have always combined my professional experience as a translator and proofreader of technical texts with my creative drive. I have learned to balance these two aspects in my daily life, allowing stories, tales and chronicles to emerge that capture and unravel the day-to-day situations I experience.

“Rhythms, songs, poems and stories are flesh of our thoughts. Without them, we could not think.”


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

I’ll be brief

An overview of my academic and professional experience

I chose to study Translating and Interpreting because it matched my own intuitive way of seeing the world. I have never doubted that knowing other languages and cultures broadens my horizons. Immersing myself in other life experiences gives me a fairer view of reality.

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